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Outdoor Uses of Propane

Comfort King Energy Services knows that outdoor living spaces have are an extension of the home and we know that propane provides many options which can enhance the enjoyment you get from spending time on your deck, patio or in your yard.

Grills-Propane grills heat up and cool down quickly, making grilling safe and efficient. They're easy to clean because there is no ash and dust residue. They are also environmentally friendly. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, charcoal releases 105 times more carbon monoxide than propane. New features like built-in burners and storage compartments provide flexible cooking and storage options.

Propane Hearth Products-Propane hearth products allow homeowners to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. Choose from fireplaces, burners, hearth stoves, gas logs, chimeneas and fire pits. Most are designed with weatherproof materials that will stand up to even Connecticut's winter weather.

Patio Heaters-Patio Heaters offer a great deal of flexibility. You can choose portability or you can choose to permanently install these units in concrete. Most include adjustable temperature controls and safety features. They provide up to a 20-foot radius of heat and raise outdoor temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees.

Outdoor Lighting-Propane lighting can be used in a number of ways. It's available in portable, wall-mounted and post mounted styles. Light fixtures combine charm with energy efficiency. Some lamps offer solar activated valve controls that automatically reduce gas flow during daylight hours. The best feature is that they will work during power outages.

Pool and Spa/Hot Tub Heaters-Pool and Spa/Hot Tub heaters allow homeowners to extend the season or in some cases, enjoy the outdoors year-round. These thermostat controlled units burn gas in a combustion chamber and the heat is transferred to the water so they can easily maintain any desired water temperature, regardless of the weather. The pool heaters we offer have an efficiency rating of 70% to 90%. Most range in size from 5,000 BTU/hr for a spa or hot tub (small) to 400,000 BTU/hr for a full-size swimming pool (large). Propane swimming pool heaters are installed above the ground and are used for above-the-ground and in-ground pools. The main benefits are that they heat quicker than electric heaters and they maintain temperatures, on average, more cost effectively.

Let Comfort King Energy Services help you decide how using propane can enhance the outdoor experience at your home.  For more information or for a free estimate, please call us at 203-515-8088 or complete our online request form.

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