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December, 2015

One of the worst things that can happen to a home-owner is to have an oil spill from their heating equipment. This can happen if your oil tank is ruptured or clipped. The cleanup is arduous and expensive. If a small amount of oil has spilled onto the basement floor, you might be able to clean it up yourself by soaking up the oil and using fans to push the contaminated air outdoors, but if the oil has seeped into the soil or ground water, you will have to hire an environmental contractor.

According to a Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection (DEP) survey, most cleanups completed in four months should cost less than $20,000. A typical cleanup cost ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. The average cleanup cost involving both soil and groundwater is $90,000!


Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) recommends if you have an oil spill in your basement or in the ground, do the following:

Prevent an explosion or oil spill:

• Turn off all flames - pilot lights, candles, gas fire logs, etc.

• Put out all cigarettes.

• Until the spill is completely cleaned up, do not touch light switches, outlets, radios, or any other electrical equipment in the area that could cause a spark or get hot.

Control Odors:

• Open outside doors & windows to air out the space.

• Turn off forced hot air heating and/or central air conditioning.

• Close or cover the grills.

• Close the door from the basement to first floor. Use a plastic shower liner or plastic table cloth to cover all cracks and gaps between the door, wall, and floor.

If You Smell Oil Or See Standing Oil – Report It!

• Call your local fire department.

• Call 1-866-DEP-SPIL or 860-424-3338. This is the 24-hour spills hotline at the Connecticut DEEP.


Dealing with an oil tank spill is expensive and complicated. Comfort King offers oil tank insurance through the experts at Pro Guard that will put your mind at ease. Accidents do happen, but we have a way to have you covered if the worst occurs. Pro Guard protects your oil tank in the event of an accidental release. For pennies a day, you can protect your family and your finances.

Pro Guard Program Highlights:

• Up to $100,000 for cleanup costs resulting from an underground tank release or up to $50,000 for an aboveground tank release.

• Protection for both tank and lines.

• Proactive aboveground tank replacement.

• Voluntary pull of underground tank allowed after one year, if optional protection is purchased.

• Ability to transfer protection to a new homeowner.

Pro Guard is offered to Comfort King’s automatic oil delivery customers. From now until January 15, 2016, any new oil customer that signs up for automatic delivery will receive this coverage for free for one year.

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